Ask These Questions Before Renovating Your Basement

Newly renovated basements can be a stunning achievement for the homeowner. Of course, if not done right, your basement can become the site of an apocalyptic disaster, just as easily.

Problems that arise in newly finished basements are the hardest to fix, in terms of effort and cost. Additionally, value of your home can also decrease exponentially because of a bad renovation job.

Complete Renovation or Simple Fix Job – Consider This When Remodeling Your Basement

The cost of basement renovation or even conducting simple repairs (fix leaking, sinking foundations etc) comes to homeowners mind. This is fairly easy to determine. Basement renovation or fixing costs vary based on:

  • Your geographical location
  • Type of soil
  • Kind of repair or renovation wanted
  • Complexity of the job

Other Important Considerations – Functional Design, Open Spaces and Low Maintenance

Your basement renovation project will only be successful when the end result is a living area that suits your family’s lifestyle. Think about how you like to spend spare time. Will a game room be more advantageous? Or a modern home gym will contribute more towards your lifestyle?

Once you have figured out the basics of basement renovation, get to the essentials. Consider these factors before starting the project:

Is Your Basement Safe?

Inspect your basement’s walls. Cracks on the foundation are often a good indicator that something isn’t right. Most homeowners ignore cracks because “they have been always there”. You don’t know why these cracks have been always decorating the walls of your basement. This could be a serious issue…

An Issue That Could Arise

Moisture and leakage from those cracks can start to seep through which will be costlier to fix, after starting work on the basement.

Is Your Basement Dry?

Does a musty, sickly-sweet kind of smell emanate from your basement? While this smell is the norm for most basements, in actuality it’s not. You don’t even know that moisture is seeping into your basement – through the walls, floor or crawlspace!

Sure you can ignore this issue but musty odors are incredibly unpleasant!

Is There Mold in Your Basement?

Know this: there will always be mold where there is moisture! Mold and mildew need moisture to grow therefore ignoring a basement water leakage won’t help much, especially in the long run. Mold remediation will be required to eliminate the mold.

Without moisture control, however, remediating mold is going to be a waste of time and money. First, eliminate the moisture by waterproofing your basement; then call us for mold remediation.

Make sure you solve the underlining issue in your basement, not just the symptom. Have your home inspected for free by calling us today.

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