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Foundation Contractors in Texas

Texas Foundation Kings Repair Contractors employs an experienced team of foundation contractors in Dallas that can help you identify and correct problems that threaten the structure and life of your building.

How We Can Help Preserve Your Building

It is essential that you contact Texas Foundation Kings as soon as you detect a problem. We can help you with the following:

  • Inspect your building
  • Determine the exact structural problems
  • Propose a plan to fix it with our high-tech equipment
  • Correct the problems
  • Leave you with a building that will stand firm for many years

Commercial and Residential Foundation Contractors in Texas

We provide services to both commercial and residential customers. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can handle some of the toughest problems, including the following:

  • Drilling in an area with limited access
  • Drilling in a space with a low overhead
  • Building or mending retaining walls
  • Correcting remedial foundation problems
  • Using a technique of pressure grouting for long-lasting life
  • Utilizing engineered design to build and repair

Texas Foundation Inspection

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that buildings are not completely firm. If the ground shifts underneath, it can cause damage to the slabs, footings, and base of your building. Some examples of damages that may occur are as follows:

  • Tilting: the entire base shifts position
  • Differential: one section of base moves more than another section (this shows up as cracks in the walls or doorways)
  • Upheaval: expanding clay pushes upward on the concrete
  • Settlement: the base sinks because of elements underneath such as a high water table, tree, and plant root structures, etc.

If you feel that your home or business is not standing securely on the ground, call Texas Foundation Kings. We can provide a complete foundation inspection to ensure that your home or business is standing firm and secure.