Basement Renovation

Add Value Through Basement Renovation

A home’s basement is usually the most under-utilized portion of the entire structure. With the economy the way it is, and the high price of adding an addition, the best solution for your home is a renovated basement.

Create More Living Space

Basement renovation is a simple and cost effective way to add living space without breaking your wallet. In fact, with some careful planning, your basement can become one of the most attractive and sought-after parts of your home.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Not only can a basement renovation project add additional living space, but with proper insulation, anti-microbial and mold resistant wall and floor systems, it can increase the energy efficiency in your home as well, saving you quite a few dollars in heating and air-conditioning bills, which we know can add up.

Let our experienced basement renovation team develop a custom solution for you and your home. Our renovation process will turn your unfinished product into a vibrant and useful living area.  We can turn your ideas into beautiful game rooms, play areas, bedrooms, living rooms, gymnasiums, or just about anything you can imagine. We have 21st century design software that will allow us to create a 3D graphic illustration that will help you visualize the finished product.

Why an Inspection is Crucial Before Renovating

If you have moisture problems in your basement – and chances are (unless you just moved in) you will know if you do – you need to address those issues before you begin the renovation, otherwise the moisture in its many forms will ultimately destroy any renovated basement, and the valuable possessions within.  Allow us to check your foundation walls and floor, and repair any cracks or other issues that may be contributing to the problem. Call today for an in-home, no obligation inspection and renovation estimate.

What To Consider Before Renovating a Basement

Before you begin your basement renovation project, there are some key things you need to consider:

  • Heating, Air-Conditioning, Hot Water Capacity. Make sure your current heating and AC system will be able to handle the extra capacity. You should assess and address this concern so that you know whether this has to become a part of the renovation process.
  • Electrical and Plumbing. Do we have to upgrade your electrical system? Do we have to bring plumbing lines in? In new homes, these usually do not present any concern, but older homes will often need upgrading. Keep this in mind: renovating a 70-year-old home is completely different from a 7-year-old home.
  • Structural concerns. Prior to renovating, considerations about your home’s structure include: supporting posts, low ceilings and floors, partitions which may be load bearing, egress windows if you plan a bedroom (See Egress Windows), if there is a door, and if not, whether you would like to install a doorway or full size exit. All of these situations may cause some challenges to the basement renovation project. We can deal with any of these issues effectively.
  • Budget. Even though you have probably been thinking about money since you started dreaming about renovating your basement, now is the time to figure out exactly how much you can afford and what your plans will cost. Material costs have increased every year, especially since 2008.

Ideas for Renovating your Basement

When you are ready to begin the actual planning and design phase, you can do this on your own, or call Apex to help you from the beginning. Regardless, you will need to determine how you will use the space, how many rooms you would like to build versus how many you will be able to build.

You should easily be able to come up with ideas for filling the space:

  • another bathroom
  • a home office
  • an entertainment center
  • a game room
  • a music studio
  • a family room
  • an arts and crafts area
  • a home gym
  • a bedroom
  • an efficiency suite with a kitchen and eating area.

Whether you are single or have family considerations, think about what might work best, what might be most practical with the space, the future, and how long you are really planning to stay in your home.

Why Thoughtful Planning for a Reno is Essential

When prioritizing your list, try to think long-term for rooms such as playrooms, and design them so that maybe they will be easy to convert to something else as the children grow. We are capable of creating very detailed plans of what you desire the finished basement to look like, right down to furniture placement so that you have a reasonable idea of how it will all fit together.

Once you have an idea of how much your plans will cost, it may be that you will have to either change your original plan, or renovate in phases, as you can afford it.  Each year, finish another room as more money becomes available. As a general rule, it’s best to rough in all the electrical, plumbing, cable, and other miscellaneous connections now for later installations, and deal first with things such as adding air vents, and replacing or enlarging windows, before finishing the walls, installing the flooring, and adding light fixtures.

Do You Want a Professional Basement Renovation?

We are expert basement renovators, as well as entire home improvement experts. Allow us to earn your trust, to be your personal consultant in this project, and every home project you may have in the future.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize your dream, and add value to your home!

Are you planning to convert your basement into an extra bedroom? Or do you wish to furnish up the space to use it for something else? For the most structurally sound basement renovation in Texas give us a call today!

One of the best ways to learn about our services is to see the results.  View our basement renovation photos.