Want To Turn Your Basement Into A Cool Media Room? Take Help From These Tips

At times, it just doesn’t seem easy to share the television with everyone else. If you think the ‘remote control’ wars are becoming frequent, it may be time to transform your basement into an entertainment room. Your basement can be the best home theatre for all those movie nights.

In this article, our basement renovation experts discuss a few tips you can use to turn your basement into the perfect media room.

What Sort Of Sound Do You Expect From The System?

Before starting, consider where you will place the speakers. It is a good idea to recess speakers into the walls or ceiling as this will help eliminate any visible wires, also giving you a completely immersive, surround experience.

For most homeowners, tweaking the dry wall to fit in the speakers isn’t an option. If this is the case, consider choosing speakers that are in line with the rest of the aesthetics in your basement.

Come Up With Media Storage Solutions

Dedicate a small closet or compartment for the storage of all you media devices. This will only leave out the television in display, giving a neater look. If this isn’t an option, try going for cabinets with built-in dividers and additional storage.

What About The Seating?

The type of seating can make or break the entire setting in your media room. When planning the seating, make sure that everyone in the room has a good view of the television. Go for electronic recliners to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

Consider cutting out a small split in the carpet or going for flooring receptacles to hide the wires from plain view.

Consider Acoustics

Inspect all soft and hard surfaces in your home and analyze how they will affect overall sound. You can improve the acoustics by installing carpets and hard blinds to ensure that echoes are kept at a minimum. If you aren’t a fan of covering up hardwood floors with carpets, at least install a rug under the speakers for the right acoustics.

Use A Universal Control

If you are looking for a truly theatre experience, make sure you hook up everything with a universal remote control. You should be able to control all the equipment, shades and even the lights!

Turning your basement into an ideal room for media installations starts off with basement waterproofing and basement floor crack repairs. Get in touch with us to learn more how we can help you renovate your basement for the results you expect.

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