Residential & Commercial Inspections

The Importance of Proper Inspections in Central Texas

Getting a professional inspection of a property that you own, or that you’re interested in purchasing, is the most important step you can take to ensure that your investment will not become a serious (and potentially devastating) problem.

Residential Inspections

If you have some basement issues and concerns, you may be wondering why they are occurring and what your options are (for more info, see Causes and Solutions). We can solve those problems so you don’t ever have to worry about them again.

We can solve any water or moisture problem; any structural issue; remediate any mold or radon problem. In short, we can explain and resolve to your complete satisfaction, any issue in your home, regardless of location, degree, or complexity. We are 21st century waterproofing, foundation and structural repair experts, and we are also home improvement experts.

When is an Inspection Necessary?

We do offer free phone consultations, but the only way we can accurately determine what the solutions to your problems are is by conducting a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home by one of our licensed and certified inspectors. Only then can we know with certainty what your issues are, why they are occurring, and the options we have available to resolve those issues.

Regardless of the issue – whether it’s cracks in the walls, water seepage or any other concern – we need to examine your basement, the foundation, and ask you questions for a proper and accurate diagnosis.  There are so many different scenarios and remedies that make it virtually impossible to recommend any action without a thorough site inspection.

Our website gives free advice. We give free consultations and advice over the phone. We are also willing to come out to your property and consult with you at no cost or obligation. All we ask is that all property owners be present, and if you are going to ask someone to act as your consultant, like a family member, friend, or associate, please have them there as well.

How Long  Does an Inspection Take?

Our residential inspections typically last one to two hours, but depending on the complexity of the situation, it could take more or less time than average.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

If you have an existing problem that you want to resolve, then your first inspection is FREE!  Call us today to schedule a no obligation inspection, or fill in the form at the right.

Thinking of Buying and/or Selling a Home?  Inspections are Crucial

Before you ever buy another home, allow us to inspect your foundation. You may call another home inspector, but we truly do not encounter many who understand foundation and structural repair. It is not something that is taught during their short training period; it takes years of experience in the field, and years of studying this specific industry and science before one can become proficient in this industry. 30% of our waterproofing business comes from homeowners who just purchased a home, where the inspector misdiagnosed their moisture and mold problems, and told them to simply extend their downspouts and grade. Good advice, just not a good solution.

We will inspect your foundation or your entire home if you like, and give you a detailed inspection report.

How To Add Value to Your Home Before Selling

Before you list your home for sale, you may want to fix and renovate your basement to add value. Call us – we can renovate your basement, give you a full lifetime warranty, which you can pass to the new homeowner as a selling benefit.

It is estimated that 90% to 120% of any cost of basement renovation is added value to the home’s selling price. Plus, it looks better, and helps you sell your home quickly and without any disclosure issues or having to sell “As Is”. Selling “As Is” decreases the home’s value by 10% – 25%. Realtors know this – ask one.

Commercial Inspections

If you have a commercial property, trust one of our experienced commercial inspectors, who have over 30 years in the industry, to inspect, analyze, and give you a professional estimate. We have experience in all phases of commercial construction and repair, including above grade problems.

Whether it is an issue as minor as cracks in walls or water seepage, the best residential inspection in Northern Virginia, can help you identify the problem in its early stages so that you can avoid costly repairs later. We also offer commercial inspections for larger properties and commercial buildings.

Contact us for more details about our inspections of commercial properties.