Texas House Leveling

Pier and Beam Foundations

Older pier and beam structures are braced with wooden stiff legs or other unbalanced objects, such as bricks or rocks. Bracing using this method is not stable or reliable in the long term. With wood to ground contact, the bottoms of these stiff legs are subject to erosion from moisture and wood-feeding bugs. Problems such as shaky floors, settling walls, cracked sheetrock, and uneven doors can easily occur. These substructures need to be supported with a high-strength concrete base and block type bracing. These types of bracing can give high-strength and long-life support to any substructure. By using these improved types of bracing we can remove settlement problems.

Steel Pier System

The steel pier system has been proven to be effective through extensive and thorough research. The Capacity Test shows that this method performs well in the clay-like soil conditions in properties in this area. The piers are constructed of steel, which makes the pier solid all the way down to the rock or lead-bearing strata.

On single story homes, the steel piers can be at least 8 ft. apart, which results in fewer piers and less money for you. This particular system is not limited to the depth that it can reach because it reaches its depth through hydraulically driven equipment. B & B House Leveling & Foundation Repair only uses all new steel pipe in the construction of our steel piers to ensure quality and durability throughout the years.

B & B steel piers are installed on an average of 10 times quicker than concrete piers. Our piers are driven hydraulically, and once they are in place, the building may be raised. There is no seven-day curing time required for steel piers as for concrete piers. For example, most concrete pier jobs require 8 to 10 days to complete. B & B can accomplish the same results in one to three days, on average.

Solid Slab Foundation

Our team hydraulically drives each pier until it reaches rock or load-bearing strata. The load-bearing strata are considered reached when at least 5,000 P.S.I. sustained resistance is encountered, which translates into over 30,000 force pounds of support! B & B is equipped to drive each pier as deep as it needs to go to reach that level of resistance, and the A.P.I. residential pier is load tested to deliver thousands of force pounds beyond that point.

B & B’s steel pier installation process is landscape-friendly, which means shrubs are seldom lost and planter walls are rarely disturbed. We do our best to protect your property and keep everything on your landscape in pristine condition. Unlike the concrete pier installation process, the amount of soil disturbed is minimal due to the steel piers.
When you have a solid slab foundation combined with our proven steel pier system, it translates into less destruction to lawns and fewer unhappy customers! You will be able to experience quicker installation and longer lasting foundations that will keep you and your family safe.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty

What sets us apart from our competition is our dedication to our customers. Instead of a Limited Lifetime Warranty, like that of our competitors, we offer a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. This means the work we complete for you is the absolute best. We stand behind our craftsmanship and our foundation expertise.

Are you worried about your foundation? Have you noticed water damage or cracking on your walls? Let us inspect your property and work to repair your system from the inside out. Call today to schedule your appointment and let’s get started!

Trust In Us

Over the years, we have seen many structures that have a problem with water pooling at the base of the foundation. This excess water will weaken your foundation and may cause basement flooding or create issues with your sump pump.

Although it may look like a small amount of water, these small pools of water are much more harmful than they appear. These issues can be solved by proper landscaping techniques and methods, including banking dirt at the foundation, among other techniques. These tasks can be done by the owner with little or no expense. To speak with a professional about your specific foundation or flooding problems, please call us today.