Frequently Asked Questions

Will my plumbing be affected after a repair has been made?

Because pipes are located near and connected to the foundation, when a repair is made, it can affect the plumbing. As the building position changes, the position of the pipes may shift as well. In some cases, the pipes may become damaged. You may want to have a plumber test the pipes during and after our work to ensure there are no problems.

Why are there so many problems in Texas?

One of the main reasons is that many areas in Texas have high moisture content in the dirt. When the water absorbs into the clay, it expands. When the water seeps out and the clay dries, it shrinks. Expanding and shrinking occur as the weather varies over the year. As the clay changes, the base that the house rests on shifts with it. Over time, the concrete base of the building weakens.

Why are some buildings worse than others?

Some areas have higher water tables than others. Landscaping around the building can also cause problems.

How do trees and other plants impact the foundation?

Over time, plant roots can absorb water around and even under your building, which shifts the balance of the building and dirt. More often, though, as strong tree roots grow, they push against the sides of the building and can cause significant damage.

When you fix my foundation, will it fix the cracks in the walls or create new cracks?

Actually, both could happen. When the structure is lifted, cracks may naturally close when the position of the walls comes back together. On the other hand, anytime a building is shifted, it unsettles the current positioning of the walls, which may cause small cracks to appear.